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I’m Mario, and this site is a collection of various hacks and projects I’ve built over the last few years, as well as summarising my work/employment history. I am happy to consider any interesting projects or positions.

I have broad experience across technology, social media, and some (limited) dev ops knowledge. I love APIs, developer platforms, and using those to connect/extend existing solutions, as well as potentially building entirely new ones. I’m always experimenting with new technologies and have recent experience and deep interest in the conversational interface/bot space.

If this sounds of interest to you, I’d love to hear from you!

work experience


2016 - 2017, Technical co-founder

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my cv as an API

Exposing my CV/Resume as an API - more details in my Medium post.

facebook gigfinder bot

Wondering when and where your favourite band is playing live next? Or just want to see what gigs are on tonight in your city? Message me and I’ll tell you!

songkick facebook messenger bot

Say hello to the Songkick Alerts bot on Facebook Messenger to set up your Songkick alerts. Once set up and activated, the bot will send you instant notifications on Messenger for any newly announced shows by the Songkick artists you’re tracking.

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