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2011 - 2016
Head of Twitterfeed at Bitly

Day to day running and management of at Bitly.

Hands-on with all aspects of the service:

  • dev ops/ monitoring of servers (a cluster of 11 Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers) and service health (monitoring worker processes and queue sizes and automatically adjusting the speed and volume of feed processing depending on service load, using a combination of monit and memcached).
  • software development (Ruby/Rails, JavaScript, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, MySql, Redis, Memcached)
  • user support, via Uservoice support portal, and social media channels like Twitter and Facebook
  • social media management (Twitter, Facebook)
  • product management (new features planning/implementation, adding/connecting to additional social media channels like LinkedIn, LinkedIn Company Pages, Slack, etc)
Main technologies used: Ruby, Rails, nginx, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Redis, Memcached, Monit

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