songkick facebook messenger bot

Say hello to the Songkick Alerts bot on Facebook Messenger to set up your Songkick alerts. Once set up and activated, the bot will send you instant notifications on Messenger for any newly announced shows by the Songkick artists you’re tracking.

slack gig attendance bot

A Slack bot that checks users’ Songkick event attendance and automatically shares these to a Slack channel of your choice. As an example, we have a specific #gig Slack channel where notifications of the shows/gigs that users are planning to go to are being posted as soon as a user marks their attendance on Songkick. Includes artist images retrieved via the API.

kickalert twitter bot

Get notifications of newly announced Songkick events directly on Twitter. Includes artist images retrieved via the API.

custom songkick import

A service to give users more control over which artists they want to import/track in Songkick. It scans their artists in, Rdio (RIP) or Deezer, and provides an interactive way to explicitly select which artists to track in Songkick, rather than all the artists you ever listened to.